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Ideas And Things You Can Learn From Mix Marriage Ceremonies

Published / by Alesia Martinez

Though mix marriages are not taboo altogether nowadays, chances are if you are involved in such a relationship and thinking of tying the knot, how you can have a combined ceremony with a mix of traditions will be a big question on your mind. It can be a daunting subject to broach as the complexities can be many. 

Though there are event organizers in Singapore that specialise in cultural or mix ceremonies, and they can give you a world of advice, sometime it is best to ask couples that have gone through the same for intimate details that can matter greatly for such situations.

Music: a Greek and Spanish couple explained that they mixed their cultures by way of having a mix of Greek music, salsa and Spanish music that the guests all love and enjoyed. However they said that both their families love to party so if that is the case with your family as well a good combined music effort would be wonderful.

Parental involvement: many cultures have parental influence strongly present when it comes to planning a nuptial ceremony, and this is very true when it comes to ceremonies in the subcontinent. As one Indian and American couple stated; there were some requests that went beyond the Indian Wedding Decoration Packages that were looked at. They stated that some explanation and restrictions had to be put in place to make sure the parental involvement was accepted but with some boundaries. They were able to do this; because they had an idea of how involved the family and relatives want to be in making decisions about the wedding.

Language: couples have also stated that having the ceremony in one language won’t be a problem if you give details of what is going on in the programme given to guests. In this way they get to experience a different culture and understand what each aspect mean as well.

Work together: a French and American couple stated that there were lots of details they had to look after Eg: since bridesmaids were not part of the French culture a coordinated effort was needed to ship dresses from the US, however with supportive in-laws and family they were able to go through all the details carefully. Compromising and trying to work together was important in making the wedding a success the couple stated.

Food: it is a good occasion to mix and present some real authentic and fusion cuisine. Couples state that having a good balance of food from both cultures are very important and can also make for a memorable feast.

No matter where you come from nuptials are considered sacred, so careful planning, consideration and understanding are crucial in getting the right mix when it comes to a multicultural ceremony.