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How To Protect Your Space From Pests?

Published / by Alesia Martinez

While there are several, great pest control services out there, it is better to prevent the pest situation all together if possible. We have all heard of the saying prevention is better than cure and if we want to put that into action in this situation, it would mean that we should take some steps daily to ensure that pests do not have a reason or way to enter our homes. Read below to know what these are.

 Take care of stagnant water

Do not leave any empty containers or any objects that can collect water outside as mosquitoes may breed in these. Check for any leaking pipes around your house and if you have any, get them fixed. Still water can attract many different pests.

 Never leave food out

Make sure all your food is stored away safely. Any food that needs to be left outside, for example, you cannot refrigerate bananas, so you can leave them outside but make sure your fruit bowl is covered. Clean counter tops and mop the kitchen floors daily at the end of the day so ants or insects have nothing to eat. Spray an bed bugs Singapore or insecticide in any cracks or crevices until you get them filled so pests will not be able to make home in them.

 Be wary of plants that can do more harm than good

Make sure that you do not have any plants growing against the walls of your house or close to your windows as this can allow ants and many different pests to easily climb up the wall and into your home. If you have plants with large leaves that can collect water, spray some ecofriendly insecticide in them so mosquitoes and bugs will not be able to breed in the stagnant water. That being said, there are some plants that can actually do the opposite. They can help repel mosquitos. Plants such as lavender and citronella grass among many others emit a scent that helps keep them away.

Dispose of any trash carefully

Have tight lids on all your trashcans and empty them as soon as the trash cans are full. Make sure you wash the insides and outsides of your trashcans at least once a month. This will prevent any odors and rotten food build up which will in turn keep pests such as cockroaches away and you will not have to call restaurant pest control. You can even try recycling and reduce the amount of food wasted.

 Closing doors and windows

Make sure you install screens for your doors and windows especially if you live in a tropical region, because disease causing mosquitoes and flies are more common and present in larger numbers here. This also means you can freely keep your doors and windows open for fresh air and ventilation and will not have to worry about anything crawling in while you’re not looking.