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Think Out Of The Box!

Published / by Alesia Martinez

As parents we must always be on alert with regard to our child’s well-being and activities. But as they grow older some parents tend to neglect them and get involved full time in work rather than spending time with their kids. All kids want is an attention and affection. Two key elements that can nourish the child and make sure that they grow up to be good human beings. And one will not work well without the other as they go hand in hand and are of equal importance.

Another very surprising element is ‘’adventure’’. Many parents just put their child to school and that’s about it. But this is a wrong way of motivating the child. One should involve the child in activities the child is interested in. For example if your child loves to swim then put them into one of the children swimming classes in Singapore. This will give them a good picture that along with studies there is so many other fun stuff that they can do. One could also take them once a week to an art class as this helps to tap into their hidden talents. Signing them up for an elocution class is also a brilliant idea to improve on their social skills as they learn to stand up and speak for themselves. These little thing can really have a major effect on the child’s life though parents might think it is unnecessary and a waste of money. 

As parents we must open all the doors for our children so they would not feel stressed and isolated. Giving them options will also help the parents to understand the child’s interests. For instance, the child could be asked if he/she would like to join some kids swimming classes or to learn scouting. Giving them the power to choose increases their trust on their parents and plus they enjoy doing what they choose. Never force them into doing anything because this will make them hate it and it will be purposeless. Also allow the child to indulge in sports as it improves their fitness plus strengthens their reflex. Basketball, Karate, cricket and table tennis are a few good choices to start with.

Keeping the child fully occupied with well-planned breaks is what sets a line between a healthy child and an unhealthy child. Breaks are equally important as it helps the child’s body to get its down time. Apart from their sleep at night, small naps play a key role in boosting the child’s metabolism. Whatever said and done one must not be narrow minded rather one must think outside the box.