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Preschooling – The Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make As A Parent

Published / by Alesia Martinez

As your child gradually grows older and finally reaches the milestone of three years, you will naturally be inclined to start considering his academic activities. As studies and researches have amply shown that education that begins from the very early years of a child can culminate in academic success much better than one which starts from the later years, it is natural that every parent wishes to hurry and enrol their child in a nursery or other educational institution which precedes primary schools. However, do not be so fast to pick – there are many mistakes that you can commit in your haste to enrol your child. And what exactly are these enormous pitfalls that you do not want to make as a parent? Find out below!

1. ‘That Preschool is Reputed – I Must Enrol My Child There’The very first mistake that many parents are guilty of committing is picking preschools and kindergartens on the basis of reputation and recognition. Of course, now you might be scratching your head – after all, what is wrong with going with the better known top preschools in Singapore in the area? Well, there are many things wrong. To start off, the better reputed schools might just not be your area, and deciding to enrol your small child in an institution that’s quite far away from your home is just, well, not proper parenting. Your child is still young – four or five years at best! You do not want to have him or her too far from your home in the beginning (also because young children will need to be brought home before school ends more than once!). Second, there is no guarantee that the school will necessarily have a positive influence on your child – it might very well be a disaster for him or her.

2. ‘That Preschool’s Academic Curriculum Is Rigorous’Another red flag right there. Let us pause a moment to remember that we are not dealing with secondary education – or even primary education. Picking the best preschool for your child on the basis of education is not exactly correct. What preschools should achieve is accustomize your child to the school environment, so that they will be comfortable once they properly start their formal education. This means that the focus should rather be on socializing activities and the development of their imaginative and creative traits.

3. ‘My Child Wants to Go to This Preschool’Factorizing your child’s opinion into your selection is admirable, and far better a decision that ignoring your child’s input completely. However, what is wrong here is completely letting your child make your decision. As we have said before, your child is at best five years old, and in no position to make a sensible choice. Make sure to consider the behaviour and personality of your child in picking a school – making sure your child voluntary agrees with you is what is important.