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Legal Process In The Country; What You Need To Know

Published / by Alesia Martinez

Every country has its own legal process and awareness of such process is going to help you when you are dealing with legal issues that may arise in your life from time to time. Although there are people who can guide you with the procedure it is very essential that you have your own knowledge and experience with regard to them as you can expeditiously and effectively get your litigation matters performed if you have basic knowledge with regard to those. Following are some facts you need to know about the available different legal processes in your country.

Civil process
The process available for the execution of civil laws is the civil process and it differs from the process available for the execution of the criminal laws. Civil laws deal with matters that are less serious and they are most of the times raised between two people. Breaching of a contract, family law issues, land matters are some commonly raised civil law issues and these issues are dealt by different set of courts mostly referred to as the primary courts in most of the countries. The marriage annulment in Singapore, land disputes processes, contract enforcing process can be differently dealt but all of them being matters of civil law there are common features as well. Imprisonment is not used as a punishment method in the civil process.

Criminal process
The criminal process is the process that needs to be followed when there are criminal matters. Criminal laws as opposed to civil laws deal with the serious offences that affect the society at large and the punishment granted for the criminal offences is imprisonment in most of the instances. There are separate set of courts that deal with criminal matters and the procedure followed in these courts are different to that of civil courts. Sometimes injunctions and orders such as ppo, enjoining orders are also granted by the criminal courts to prevent damages that can occur during the process of a case.

Fundamental litigation
Litigation available in the instances where ones fundamental right is breached is taken more seriously by the legal systems of most of the countries. The Human Rights Charter enacted by the United Nations provides for the list of human rights that need to be protected in all the member countries. From the list of human rights the countries can choose the most relevant ones and get them incorporated in the constitution in the country and such selected set of rights are called the fundamental rights and such rights are protected by way of special legal process.