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How To Get The Best Gift For Your Child

Published / by Alesia Martinez

When you go to the supermarket’s toy and games section there are sometimes you might end up thinking that you went to a different planet. The world of toys and games for children is ever expanding and sometimes may not be in the best direction too. Depending on your own ideas and values and what you want your child to learn, the idea of the perfect toy will change. But one thing that all parents will acknowledge is that whichever toy it is, it needs to reduce the amount of energy your kid is always filled with; interactive toys that make your child work out and dance around outside would be a good bet.

Stomp rocket Jr. with the Glow kit

Stomp rocket series comes with different variables and a variety of add-ons attached to the toy. It is also a good way to get your kids interested in science and motivate them to learn more when they feel like it. The toy rocket launches when the kid jumps/ stomps on the launch pad, and the foam rocket can go up to 200ft depending on the strength of the stomp. So apart from the children fitness training in Singapore that will go on, the pack comes with a couple of rockets so the kids can keep stomping for a while before having to pick up the fallen rockets. The glow in the dark version is the kid’s version of the coolest rocket ever, so might as well get it and invite the neighborhood kiddies. The lack of batteries will actually help your wallet and your vehicle.

Yoga pretzel

It may sound weird and unnatural, but the yoga pretzel come with a set of yoga cards/mats with a yoga pose illustrated on it. You can do the partner poses with someone to go for the individual poses. The good thing about the card set is that you can do a simple card game or even musical chairs without the chairs and doing the pose that you land on/walk onto. So instead of a kids gym you can turn your living room into one instead. The cards are funny and interesting and the poses are even more so. If you plan on having a family weekend or a family down time, then try this as a family involved game to make it more fun.

There are a lot of interesting fun games in the market that you can try out and even return if you do not feel like it. But having games that the whole family can be involved (while can be played by one person too) in are more important than an individual game that your kid can play.