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Best Décor Tips For An Awesome Graduation Party

Published / by Alesia Martinez

The day when you stop going to school (at least for a while) is a day that everyone who is in the graduating classes feel excited and nervous for. It is the day that you get acknowledged for all your accomplishments and awards. So for those who are in the planning committee of the graduation party for the class, getting your ideas properly arranged and also accepted by the class can be a troublesome task. To get the brainstorming going, here are some ideas to ponder;
Putting up the year of graduation
The entrance to the party has to make the best first impression. So depending on your theme, you may get limited to the amount or type of decorations that you can use for making up the front. Usually the general trend is to use the colors of the school to make up the slogan showing the year of graduation. So you can use things like sequins, tissue papers, making a collage or using sparkly dust to make it work. But whichever item you choose must go with your theme. If you plan on having a country style party, then sequins and glitter should be out of the question unless you are using it on a very minimal scale as an added touch for stuff like centerpieces. Use recyclables as you can change and fix them up as much as you need it and it always ends up looking retro and cool.

Photo booths
You will need to have a couple of options for the photo booths with different props. You can use transparent chairs or wooden chairs with a chalkboard as the backdrop. Or you can go for Polaroid frame for on-the-go photos which will make the end result look amazing. Have props and use things like printed superlatives, glitter mustaches and grad caps for the guests to use when taking the photos. Make sure that the seminar catering in Singapore tables are nowhere near the photo booths.
Social media hype
Use social media pages to get the hype going and decide on a hashtag line for using on posts online. This will make it easier for people to track the photos and also keep on the same thread. Usually putting up a sign outside at the entrance with the entrance and short message asking to use it will help.
Food and drinks
Getting everything ready and with preferences of everyone counted for will be hard. Although homemade food is awesome and all you cannot feed all the guests who show up with a potluck style set out. If the party starts up from the evening then get a high tea catering service to come for serving food and drinks.
Make sure that everyone’s ideas are taken into account, but you do not need to incorporate all of them into the event. Stick to the theme and make sure that you are within budget as well.